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China Bashing

A Scholar's Advocacy

Who We Are


China Bashing is a non-profit, non-partisan initiative  endeavoring to inspire and encourage influential political figures, especial the U.S. presidential candidates and members of Congress, to bash China in their political activities. As a popular campaign strategy, China-bashing can be used to strengthen one's candidacy in U.S. presidential elections, as well as elections in other state and local levels. It refers to any campaign rhetoric by U.S. candidates that either criticizes China or attacks on the opponents using China-related issues.


What We Do


Research: With the expertise in electoral politics and foreign policy, our founder, Dr. Xiaodong Fang, studies the effects of China-bashing on elections, the U.S. government's policies, and China's behaviors. 

Educate: We observe the ongoing issues related to China's political, economic, and social conditions, and give advises on how to effectively strengthen one's campaign and change China using China-bashing.

Advocate: We seek to make the U.S. candidates for public offices, as well as members of Congress, to add the content or rhetoric of China-bashing in their campaigns, which directly or indirectly improve behaviors of the Chinese government on various issues. 


The ultimate goal is to urge China to make positive progress in the political process, practice, and development.



Message From The Founder:

Based on my previous and current academic research, I am passionate about making efforts that encourage you, the U.S. candidates running for the presidency and other public offices, to use China-bashing in your campaigns and it will contribute to your popularity among voters, influence the U.S.-China relations, shape the behavior and practice of the Chinese government, and ultimately, change China!


Keep up to date with my new findings and implications to enhance your strategy on China-bashing. Feel free to tell me what you think.

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Dr. Xiaodong Fang is a political scientist specialized in American politics. His research includes work on how the anti-China rhetoric affects the U.S. elections, foreign policy and China. He received a doctoral degree with Georgetown University and held faculty positions at Iowa State University and James Madison University.

Dr. Xiaodong Fang

Founder of China Bashing

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