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A Message Commemorating the Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre: Revitalize China's Democratization

Today is June 4, 2020. 31 years ago, Chinese troops cracked down on pro-democracy protesters around Beijing's Tiananmen Square. The massacre halted China's short-term momentum of democratization in the 1980s, and put the country on track towards another dictatorship.

The past three decades have witnessed the Chinese government's ill-treatment of the Chinese people and malicious behaviors throughout the world. Entering the year of 2020, the Chinese authorities wilfully withheld initial evidence of the coronavirus, which had led to the global outbreak of the virus and the deaths of at least 380,000 as of today.

On the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre, I mourn the victims of June 4, 1989. To free world leaders, those being hurt by China's wrongdoings, and anyone aspiring to promote freedom for billions of Chinese people, now is the moment to act and revitalize China's democratization.

Dr. Xiaodong Fang

Founder of China Bashing


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