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An open letter to the 2020 presidential candidates

Bashing China in your campaign will enhance your chance to win the election, and affect China's practice in response to your campaign rhetoric.

In recent years, the Chinese government does not stop its wrongful practice on trade, human rights, and security, which violate the international laws and universal values, as well as hurt the U.S. interests. Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, the communist government keep suppressing democracy and freedom on its people, torturing Uygurs in Xinjiang, crackdowning protests in Hong Kong, interfering elections and politics in Taiwan and other democracies, and of course, challenging the liberal international order.

You, as U.S. presidential candidates, are prominent political figures with prestigious public status. Your voices not only matter to domestic voters but also have profound influences on international society. As the trade war between U.S. and China continues, the general public and media are paying closer attentions on many issues related to China. Include China-bashing your campaign is an effective way to connect with your supporters and potential voters, and to urge the Chinese government to improve its practices.

Add anti-China rhetoric in campaign commercials

It had become a popular strategy for presidential candidates to use China as a scapegoat for America’s domestic woes and accused their opponents of supporting policies that favored China’s boom but harmed American interests.

Every issues and policy advocate comes with the latest political and economic features built-in. When designing your campaign ads, add some content of anti-China rhetoric, for example, mentioning job outsourcing to China when discussing unemployment. Voters who view the anti-China content are more likely to be influenced, and to share the content on the latest social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which increase your public popularity among voters.

Raise the public attention on China issues

The rhetoric of China-bashing can also be used in campaign speeches, public statements, and election debates, which is cheaper than airing commercials and easily capturing the public attention on China issues. Your rhetoric and concerns on the China issues will also be echoed by media coverage and other candidates, which further expand your influence on voters and enhance your candidacy in the election.

Urge China to improve its practice

The anti-China rhetoric by a presidential candidate is more effective than the pressures from other domestic and international factors in urging China to improve its practice.

China-bashing by a U.S. presidential candidate would not only influence the domestic players including the public, media, and the government, but also results in responses from China. As influential political figures in the U.S., particularly as a presidential candidate, your voices on China will merit serious consideration by the Chinese government to change its policies and practice in terms of domestic governance and international behavior.

Get elected, keep pressing on China

Keeping promises on your campaign claims on China matters to your credibility and chance of re-election. The 2020 election is a start of China-bashing but not the end. The China-bashing should be a permanent campaign if China does not stop the unlawful practice on its people and in the world. Keep pressing on China to improve its practice domestically and internationally, and maintaining your popularity all over the world. Good luck!

Dr. Xiaodong Fang

Founder of China Bashing


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