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Tips: how to attract voters using anti-China rhetoric

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Craft a campaign message that summarizes your views on the anti-China issues in a few short, punchy sentences and entices your target voters and the public to continue reading.

Accompany with an issue

What are the issues that will attract supporters and drive voters to the polls in 2020? Economy? Job? National security? Healthy care? It doesn't matter. Whatever the topic is, you can always add some China-bashing rhetoric to accompany with your main issues appealing in the campaign. Check the successful China-bashing ad below by Barack Obama in 2008 to have some idea of managing anti-China rhetoric.

Source: Youtube

Link your opponent

No matter what issues your are addressing or how China is based in your campaign, always link your opponent to the negative China issues. Check the successful Obama ad below of linking Romney to China.

Source: Youtube

Once your opponent is linked to China, he or she will be hurt by all the relevant China-bashing during the campaigns.

Utilize all media

You don't need to spend tons of millions on airing China-bashing ads. Instead, utilize the "earned media" of news coverage, debates, on-sites campaign speeches, and social media. See how Donald Trump used Twitter to attack China during the campaign that aroused echo effects from media coverage below.

Source: ABC News

With those echo effects, your China-bashing rhetoric and its influence can be expand beyond your original audience and extended for a longer period of time.


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