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Trajectories of China-bashing influencing China

Here is a diagram showing the concept of how could China-bashing by U.S. candidates influence China.

As we can see from the diagram above, the Chinese government will only respond to two players: the U.S. government and the U.S. candidates (potential government officials). It won't respond to non-government players such as the media, the public, and any groups or activists. Unlike democracy, the authoritarian regime usually disregards, or even suppresses, the claims from those non-government players.

U.S. candidates enjoy freedoms that the U.S. government is lack of. They are free to express any campaign messages, they attract more media attention during the campaign seasons, and they are directly connected to voters and the public through the electoral process. Thus, the China-bashings from U.S. candidates have better chances than other players to effectively change China.

Also, to groups and activists who are seeking to change the current political conditions in China, here is a better trajectory: China-bashing by U.S. candidates.


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