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What's next with Hong Kong? "Sublime" and elevate the democracy to China

My expectation for the future move of #HongKongers is synthesized as one word: "Sublime". After the strategy of #bewater, "sublime" is the next strategy pro-democracy activists should take into consideration. Specifically,

1) To spread your actions and essentially make them "invisible" from government surveillance; and

2) To elevate your movements into spiritual existence and enlighten the unfree people in mainland China.

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Indeed, "bewater" helped you penetrate some degrees of government surveillance and control. However, water is still materialized and protests have been suffered from tremendous costs, such as thousands of arrests, and counter-attack from the pro-Beijing demonstrators overseas. Facing the current scenarios, the bewater strategy has to be updated. Therefore, I propose the "sublime" strategy for the next step of pro-democracy movements. It does not mean that the protests should disappear. Instead, they should be transformed from high-intensified large protests to high-frequency, and localized gatherings through the place. Though government surveillance is still able to locate you, it will be less likely to take actions to disrupt every small case. In the long run, it will weaken the surveillance and control and the government has to fulfill the demands for democracy. Thus, the "sublime" strategy contribute to the endurance and effectiveness of the pro-democracy movements.

On the other hand, the problem in Hong Kong will never be solved completely without dealing with the authoritarian regime of China. Therefore, the "sublime" should be performed to elevate the movements in Hong Kong into spiritual existence and then enlighten the people in China to fight for their freedom, too. Hong Kong has its uniqueness, so does many cities and provinces in China. For the past 70 years, the communist regime had eroded the diversity of the language and culture everywhere in China. Religions are cracked down, statues are destroyed, dialects are forbidden. People in mainland China are suffering more repression than #HongKongers and definitely have more demands for political freedom and democratization. The movements in Hong Kong should be sublimed into an ideational existence and then be spread into mainland China. Only through this approach can the #HongKongers enjoy the real freedom for eternality and help initiate and promote the democratization in mainland China.

Bottom Line:

The continuity and success of pro-democracy movements not only depend on the protestors themselves, but also rely on international support from the free world, especially the United States. American traditions and the founding of democracies, as reinforced by the Secretary of State Pompeo, should also "cherish and protect people’s unalienable rights in many parts of the world." Thus, I hereby advocate that the U.S. government officials, members of Congress, candidates, and the media should take actions to support the spreading of democracy in Hong Kong and China.


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