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Go to the local Iowa presidential campaign events and bash China before the Caucuses

The 2020 Iowa Caucuses are just around the corner. Before the first official contest in the party nominating process, we encourage you, at your convenience, to participate in the event(s) to discuss China-related issues with the candidates and other supporters, and contribute to the public awareness of threats posed by China to the U.S. and the international order.

Photo courtesy of Claudio Schwarz/Unsplash

Here is a great online tool designed by Des Moines Register to track the presidential candidates' campaign events in Iowa.

We urge the presidential candidates to propose your unique policy agenda or campaign promise dealing with China’s threats. Doing so early would stand you out among common “anti-China” campaign talks and earn you the “first-mover” advantage in all the forthcoming China discussions during the presidential races. Also, don't forget to check the strategy of crafting your China-bashing in the campaigns and attract more voters in the election.

Again, as some of the most influential political figures in the U.S., presidential candidates, please keep drawing the public concern on China’s wrongdoings in human rights, economy, security, environment, etc.


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