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Massive quarantine camps: an inhuman practice amid Beijing Winter Olympic 2022

Photo from Unsplash

Burning the Olympic flame in Beijing's Bird's Nest, from February 4 to February 20, 2022, could not conceal the fact that millions of innocent Chinese people are suffering the inhuman Covid-related wrongdoing, imposed by the Chinese government.

Less than 100 miles away from Beijing, the Chinese authorities set up brutal quarantine camps in the city of Tianjin. Evidence has shown that the government organized buses and forced the residents of Tianjin into the camps to prevent spread of coronavirus ahead of Winter Olympics.

Tianjin is not alone. It has been a general practice of the Chinese authorities to set up similar massive quarantine camps where thousands of people could be isolated in tiny metal boxes. Originated from the notorious "re-education camps" in Xinjiang, the Chinese government has implemented and expanded the Xinjiang model to the whole China. Following the Communist Party's ruthless and overblown "Zero Covid" strategy where one case is enough to spark a crackdown, the authorities have built brutal quarantine camps in different parts of China, including Yunan Province (South), Shijiazhuang City (North), Xi'an City (West), and Zhejiang Province (East). This investigative post has shown footages of the construction and inside view of the tiny cabins in the quarantine camps.

The Chinese government separates children from their parents by sending the whole school to quarantine camps. This video also shows Chinese authorities raid homes at midnight and put people on buses to quarantine camps' in world's strictest lockdown.

What the Chinese Communist Party does is a severe violation of human rights. Again, I call on the free world leaders to continue and strengthen the boycott of the Beijing Olympics, concern and speak out for the worsening situation of the Chinese people being deprived of freedom and human rights, and take concrete actions to stop the Chinese government's inhuman practice.


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