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The wrongdoings of China in Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Moscow in March 2023 to show its continously support of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. Since 2022, the Chinese government has actively played an assertive role in shaping the conflict. The communist regime and its government should be blamed for Russia's invasion of Ukraine for three reasons.

Photo from Unsplash

First, China is providing Russia with military support. According to BBC, the US government has discovered that "Chinese firms have already provided "non-lethal support" to Russia, and that it has new information suggesting Beijing could soon provide 'lethal support'." Also, there is evidence that China is exporting semiconductors to Russia, which supplys civilian drones, exploiting the grey space between military and civilian purposes. In addition, the US-based Center for Advanced Defense Studies says Chinese companies may be sending Russia electronic parts for anti-aircraft missile radars.

Second, China is providing economic support to Russia. Many studies have shown that China is Russia's most important trading partner. The trade relation between Russia and China has been growing since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In 2022, China's overall trade with Russia hit a record high level of $190bn in 2022 - a 30% increase on the year before, and Russian imports from China increased 13% to $76bn and its exports to China increased by 43% to $114bn.

Third, China mettled the diplomacy efforts to end the war by bolstering its credentials as a global power broker. In the past two years, China's President Xi actively dealt with other European countries, Saudi Arabia, and Iran to facilitated a so-called "diplomatic breakthrough." However, according to Wall Street Journal, the diplomatic move only reflects a conviction on the part of Mr. Xi and the Communist Party that China can offer an alternative to the U.S.-led model of international relations by relying on commercial ties rather than military might to sway the decisions of other countries. Apparently, the communist regime seeks to use the conflict as a way to enhance its international influence and break the peaceful ties and efforts of democracies.

With so many wrongdoings the communist regime has conducted since the outbreak of the war, I call on Western countries to impose heavy sanctions on the Chinese government for aiding Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


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