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3 ways you can help support China-bashing during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions

The 2020 Democratic National Convention will take place on August 17-20, and the 2020 Republican National Convention will take place on August 24-27. The conventions will not only mark the official transition of Joe Biden and Donald Trump from the party's presumptive nominees to the official presidential candidates, but also provide the two major parties with four nights of programming to rally its base and persuade swing voters to join their cause.

Support China-bashing while watching musical performances at the National Convention(s)

With under a few days to go, we want to remind you about some opportunities to take part in the events of the National Conventions to support China-bashing, promote anti-China (more precisely, CCP and its authoritarian regime) issues in both major political parties' campaigns and platforms, and ultimately contribute to the democratization of China.

Watch the convention(s) and make your comment(s)

As coronavirus continued to rage in the original places of the two conventions, Milwaukee, WI for Democrats, and Jacksonville, FL for Republicans, the parties have moved almost the entire conventions to be virtual. That means, the conventions will become "Across America" events that will include all 57 states and territories in their programming.

The official live stream for the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be hosted on, and the livestream of the 2020 Republican National Convention will be hosted on In addition to the livestream and traditional broadcasts, the full programs are available live on Youtube at and Republican National Convention's official channel.

While you watch the livestream of either major political parties' convention, please don't forget to comment on the China issues mentioned in real-time, which will foster the continuing discussion of the Chinese government's wrongdoings and further promote the anti-China rhetoric in the forthcoming general election campaigns.

Join virtual policy roundtables and meetings

Throughout convention week(s), the committees of the conventions will be hosting a series of virtual, hour-long roundtables and meetings with leading decision-makers from across the country. Experts from various fields will examine the critical challenges facing America and issues related to China's threats will likely be discussed at these events.

RSVP for one (or all) of the policy roundtables here and express your opinions towards any anti-China issues discussed in the roundtables and meetings. Your participation will influence the final party platforms regarding China policy and potentially contribute to the positive political development of China.

Show your support and hashtag (#) on social media

Apart from the conventional programs, there will be tons of campaign coverage in traditional and social media. If you haven’t already, follow the official @DemConvention and/or @GOPConvention accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for exclusive content and convention updates.

Be sure to show your support for Chinabashing and/or anti-China rhetoric in social media and use the hashtag (#) for keywords (including but not limited to, Chinabashing, anti-China, FreeHongKong, FreeChina, and etc.) to attract more people to support our campaigns against the CCP regime and promoting democracy in China!


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