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Human rights abuses in the name of containing Covid-19

The Chinese government is extending its human rights abuses in the name of containing Covid-19. As the Delta variant of coronavirus continues to spread, the inhuman and brutal quarantine policies by the Chinese authorities are expanding throughout mainland China. Many regions have implemented tough control measures such as “no entry, no exit,” “nucleic acid testing for all,” “closed communities, sealed door...” and so on.

People in the infected areas are locked at home with their doors sealed by the Chinese authorities.

In Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Just after the flood, the epidemic situation continued to heat up, and the local area carried out nucleic acid tests for all residents, regardless of risk levels. The community where one confirmed case occurred was completed closed, and many people, quarantined at home with the door sealed, shouted: "No one cares about us!" "Help!" Many are starving without basic supplies.

People are not treated as humans at all

Since the Chinese government has always concealed the truth about the epidemic, the outside world generally doubts that the official epidemic data is not true though Henan reported a total of 116 local cases from July 31 to August 4. Currently, authorities in Zhengzhou keep conducting nucleic acid testing for all people. Some netizens said in a post that “nucleic acid tests are carried out throughout the city at all times, and people are not treated as humans at all. There is no reasonable management method. The people who are monitored cannot maintain the correct social distance. How many people are infected during the city’s nucleic acid testing?"

Some netizens complained, “In mainland China, once you are infected, the government and the people will treat you like stinks, and everyone will beat you. Don’t treat you as a patient, but treat you as a bad person!" Zhengzhou officials reported that most of the infected people were patients, cleaning staff, and medical staff who came to see the doctor at the Sixth People's Hospital of Zhengzhou. This shows that there have been significant fallacies in terms of infection control. In recent days, two-digit local confirmed cases have continued to appear in Zhengzhou, and many cases have occurred in the Sixth Hospital, which was forced to closed by the government due to the epidemic.

Sealed cities

Zhengzhou is not alone. According to the Chinese Health Commission, from August 4, 2021, 31 provinces including Xinjiang have reported new confirmed cases. Many high-risk and medium-risk areas on the mainland have once again "sealed cities." Apart from Nanjing and Zhangjiajie, the two epicenter cities of the recent outbreak, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province is the most affected. Yangzhou closed its city exits on August 1, 2021 and stopped public transportation in the city. The Yangzhou Chess and Cards Room has become an infection center, and many of them are elderly people with poor resistance. Zhangjiajie announced on August 3 that everyone is not allowed to leave, and Yangzhou and Zhangjiajie have entered the state of "half-closed cities." Nanjing City, the capital of Jiangsu Province, has notified several areas that are medium to high risk areas.

Throughout mainland China, freedom and human rights are severely violated by the Chinese authorities in the name of containing Covid-19. We blame the inhuman social control policy of the Chinese government. We also call on the global society to concern about the Chinese government’s illegal treatment of the people in infected areas and take effective actions to press the Chinese government to stop its human rights abuses.


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