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Lockdown as normal: China's building of an Orwellian state

Though the Chinese government claimed victory over the Covid-19 in November 2020, local authorities throughout China keep implementing fresh restrictions over and over after several coronavirus infections. The underlying reason is clear: the CCP regime is quietly building an Orwellian state - the one George Orwell's “1984” identified as the authoritarianism full of mass surveillance and repression of freedom.

"The CCP regime is more cruel than the virus."
Photo by Dev Asangbam | Unsplash

Before New Year's Day of 2021, China has put several cities in strict lockdown and launched large scale coronavirus testing for small local infections. For example, the northern city Dalian has now been ordered to go into lockdown and to test 4.75 million people after only 24 confirmed infections in December. Beijing bans travel outside the city for Lunar New Year (February 12, 2021) after only two domestic cases were reported.

By claiming the "wartime" status, the Chinese government continues to tighten lockdowns with brutality and violence.

Unlike the lockdowns in most other countries, residents are typically "welded" inside their own homes in China, and all floors of the residential buildings are blocked by welding fence.

According to this video, the Chinese authority is using a speaker to warn the residents that "Anyone who tries going out will be beaten to death." In December 2020, citizen journalist Zhang Zhan who reported the truth of the lockdowns was jailed and sentenced to four years in prison.

The Chinese government's lockdown measures are disproportionate with the total confirmed cases in total, unreasonable based on the world standard, and cruel against human rights and basic freedom.

I urge the free world leaders and influential global media to concern about the sufferings of the innocent Chinese people under the CCP regime, condemn the Chinese government of the brutal social treatments of Orwellism, press China to ease the inhume lockdown measures, and ultimately, help build a democratic and free China in the future.


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